Chesapeake Juggling Institute

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Juggling and the Art of Meditation:
A Dynamic Workshop

The benefits of this joyful workshop can be taken home with you and serve as the touchstone towards realization of the harmonious state of mind and body.

Juggling is a liftime activity for people of all ages. Juggling:

  • Improves eye-hand coordination
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Improves concentration skills
  • Relieves stress
  • Releases hidden capabilities
  • Causes laughter

Meditation can put you in touch with resources within you that can make a great difference in the way you experience yourself and life around you. Meditiation:

  • Promotes a sense of inner quiet
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • Calms and focuses the mind
  • Provides a safe space for healing

Director's Bio

Jerry Raitzyk has been a juggler for over 40 years.

After founding the Chesapeake Juggling Institute in 1986, Jerry took on the task of bringing the International Jugglers Convention to his hometown of Baltimore in 1989. He was president of the Baltimore Jugglers Association from 1988 -1990.

In 1992 Jerry became a certified meditation teacher and has been teaching meditation in state and federal prisons since 1993.

In 1997 Jerry combined his love of juggling with his passion for meditation to create an interactive workshop called "Juggling and the Art of Meditation". He has given this workshop throughout the east coast to businesses, schools and non-profit organizations for the last ten years.